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  VOL 1,     ISSUE 2    June 2009

Do We Really Want Sinners In Our Church?

For the past six months, as opportunity has allowed, I have shared with people in the church my desire for us to be a “hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints.”  In other words our church shouldn’t just be a hang-out for those of us who are saved but rather a place of healing for the lost.  When I say that I get nods of agreement but do they really mean it?  Do I really mean it?

I just finished reading an article entitled “Messy, Costly, Dirty Ministry: The risk of welcoming those nobody else wants.”  It’s about a church in British Columbia who is reaching out to people with serious addictions to drugs and alcohol, who are prostitutes, and even sex-trade handlers.  I can testify that there is no seminary class that could prepare a pastor for counseling with those people!  But are those kinds of people really that different than us or are they simply more genuine?  So many “Christians” wear a painted mask that looks good on the outside but yet underneath it all is a giant mess of garbage.  God sees the heart so they’re not fooling Him!   One man is clean cut and wears a tie while looking at images on his computer he shouldn’t be looking at; he drives home after work in his Honda.  Another man has multiple tattoos and goes to the strip club on his Harley.  Is God judging them any differently?  Are we?

So my question is, who are you inviting to church?  Who are you praying for and actively trying to lead to God?  Jesus had supper with prostitutes, thieves (tax collectors), and recruited a bunch of uneducated fisherman to lead His church.   Since we are Christ’s Ambassador’s who are you reaching out to?  How would you react if someone walked into our church that looked like they had lost a fight with a tackle box and had a bad body odor?  Would you wave and smile or would you dare go give him a hug and tell him “I’m glad you’re here.”? 

We need to start praying and reaching out to all of the lost in our communities, not just the ones that we would be comfortable spending time with.   Jesus extended an open invitation to all sinners when He said “Come to me…” Does our church allow walk-ins or are we open by appointment only?  Do we really want sinners in our church; even if they make us uncomfortable?  I hope so.  I’m praying that we soon find out.

Pray, Share His Word, Show His Love.

In Christ,

Pastor John

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matt 11:28 (HCSB)



   work day  work day

On Saturday, May 30 a group of approximately 65 workers of God’s army gathered at First Baptist Church armed with lawnmowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, rakes, paint brushes and other essentials to get the work done. With a list of yards to labor in and a city park needing a fresh coat of paint the workers started off. 

The first yard was quite a challenge as it has been vacant for years.  At least 20 converged on this property to trim trees and gather limbs and trash before the mowing could start. In a short period of time that job was done and the workers dispersed  to other areas of town.  One person stated "I didn't realize that there was a house behind all of the trees and tall grass."  Other yards that were taken care of were not vacant, but occupied by people who have physical disabilities and were unable to work on their lawn themselves.  Of course anyone who asked, able or not, got their lawn mowed. 

People were stopping the workers on the streets and praising them for the difference they have made in the community.  I personally received a phone call from Annette Reynolds who said that "it was a blessing and a miracle to have us take care of her yard” and that we were “a gift from God."  She was so happy to have the helping hands of God touch her.  What a feeling of joy.

We wandered to the west side of town to the City Park, and found scrapers and painters of all sizes and ages.  From the very young (approx. 4 mo. old) to the young at heart (no age mentioned) all were busy little bees.   From the bathrooms to the railings, to the slide and swings all received a fresh coat of paint.  The volleyball net was replaced with a new one and a tether ball set was installed.  The park sparkles and shines and is very pretty and inviting.

After all the work was done we all swarmed the Baptist Church Annex wiping sweat and dirt off trying to look presentable enough to eat the lunch provided by the church ladies.  They worked at the church providing a wonderful lunch with tables loaded with sandwiches and fixings with chips on the side. Let’s not forget about the awesome cookies.  After lunch a DVD presentation was provided for us to see what was done during the day all over town. 

Thanks to all involved no matter what you did you made a difference in people’s lives!  What a fellowship we experienced, and a way to show Gods love through LABOR FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR.         By Marsha Hull-Pate

news letter pic 04
M Missions mean you and me joining God in His work to bring about His results.
               Here are some UPDATES and COMING DATES.
February 27th a group traveled to Bartlesville, OK for a mini mission trip to the Voice of Martyrs Organization. The first order of the day was a tour of the facility explaining the work of this organization.   Opportunities of ways to support persecuted Christians around the world were shared. That day our job was to help them spread God’s word and encouragement to those in bondage for Christ. After the tour, the group journeyed to the warehouse and worked at various jobs. Putting stickers on books, filling orders, shrink-wrapping books, boxing books, and packaging blankets for persecuted Christians around the world were a few of the activities. A visit to a pizza establishment was enjoyed before heading home. A great day! Hope you can come the next time!

Include in your plans the trip to Lodgepole, NE or prays for safety for all those going to put a new roof on a fellow Baptist Church in July


Several items of food were sent to Joseph’s Storehouse in March to be used in surrounding communities


Sewing and repairing 45 American flags were completed by the Friday Sewing Group.  The Volunteer Fire Department displays many flags Memorial Day over the Burden Cemetery.  It is a beautiful site and a fine tribute-fun helping out too! 


Included in the sewing group are quilts that are made to share the love of Christ with others.  Two families were presented with love quilts for their precious new arrivals at baby showers given by the church. The sewing ladies are now preparing Vacation Bible School projects and working on charity quilts


Omaha Indian Reservation care packs for children were gathered for the Nebraska Mission Trip sponsored by our association.  27 bags were given.   Thanks and please send prayers along with each bag that Jesus will become known by these precious children and their families!


Needs in our church and community are met through help in various ways: prayer chain,  prayer walks, handing out fliers for the Community  Revival and Cookout, meal preparation, help in emergencies, visits, calls, cards, LABOR FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR (rained out, but rescheduled), Vacation Bible School, (in June) and generally being NEIGHBORLY

S Surely God has moved your heart to be a part in some way to serve Him.
Join Him in His work, be on mission, AND have fun and fellowship.

Financials of Interest Another Number of Interest Children Dedicated 5-9-09
To 4-30-09 SS Average Attendance = 53 Blain McMinn
Revenue $56,352.92   Carter McMinn
Expenditures $53.517.32 New Members in ’09 = 4 Wyatt McMinn
  Charlie Kimple Hayden McMinn
Annie Armstrong Nick Kimple Brendan Mackey
Goal $500 Kori Goad  HunterRierson
Received $628.57 Candy Dennis Megan Rierson
  (All Baptized) Rex Rierson
    Kent Rierson

Springtime Community Revival

 The first night of the community revival took place at the Burden City park on Friday, April 24th.  As seems to be the norm lately, the weather was an issue, not rain but wind.  A joint effort went in to play putting up tarps on the south fence of the pavilion to keep us from blowing away for the evening.  Efforts successful!  We didn’t blow away.  Steve Rankin, professor and student minister at Southwestern College, gave the message “The Holy Love of God”.  We got to know a little more about the Methodist’s pastor, Jimmy, and found that his brother Jeff might be a bit of a Christian comedian as he did interpretations of how some people might view what God is like.  He also played the guitar and led the music.  It was good singing and good fellowship as the evening came to an end.       

Saturday evening’s revival was held in our church due to rain.  We had a good evening with Brett Billiter’s band from Prairie View Methodist Church west of Atlanta.  They sang some country gospel for the service.  Once again we had a good crowd, message and singing. 

 Sunday night brought threats of rain so we held the cookout at our church.  We had good hamburgers cooked outside; some great baked beans and the Methodist ladies baked some tasty cookies.  The meal was served from the basement and people ate in the fellowship hall.  There were a lot of people in our church.    The sermon was heart provoking, entitled “The Church’s Mission: Really”.  I am sure that all who attended the revival came away with a sense of renewal and incentive to follow through on their relationship with Christ, to keep it growing and keep spreading His Word.

Thank you Pastor John for your work in helping with this revival and thank you Amanda, as always, for your great songs.

Melissa Fraley

Marvin Lula’s great-nephew-Jeb,
Jeanine McMinn Diane Gray
Ellen May Helen Youst
Carol Scott Walt Pate
Kathy Belts Loretta Weigle
Diana Cadalbert Angela Murphy
Parker family Lynn Killingsworth
Joshua Adams Kurtis McCullough
Bruner family Bible Study
Cambridge Baptist Church,
New Hope Fellowship
Service men/women and their families.

First Baptist Church
Vacation Bible School
Dates:  6/8/09 – 6/12/09
Times:  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Location; 423 Elm St, Burden, KS
Contact:  Amanda Harms  620-438-2563
This year the theme is “Studio Go Game Show”. Four years old through 6th grade will be welcome with fun and games for all.

Session #1: Go Lead Judges 7:1-22
Session #2: Go Risk Esther 4-7
Session #3: Go Tell Matthew 27:27-54
  Matthew 28: 1-10
Session #4: Go Obey Acts 5: 17-32
Session #5: Go Serve Acts 9:1-19

Be in prayer that many, many children will get to see the love of God through VBS.    Be in prayer that through this mission many children will learn about Jesus and want to learn more.

If you know any children that have not signed up for FBC VBS, be sure to invite them to join in and have a great week of fun and learning.


It’s time! Yes, it’s time for TeamKIDs to break for the summer. We have been studying “time” all year. We have learned there is a time to go outside and work, play and take care of God’s world. There is a time to be with God and praise Him, thank Him, and ask for His help. Families are important to God, so we need to take time to celebrate together, worship and learn together and help others as God did so many times.  There is a time to work together with our teachers, moms and dads, our friends and also people in our community.  We have learned God wants us to take time to do these things as He takes time with us each day.

                For the end of the year party the TeamKIDs went to the Lawson farm and had a splashing good time in their creek and of course, food.  Hot dogs were roasting as the kids enjoyed getting everyone wet.

                We ask that you all keep our children and their families in your prayers and we are looking forward to another year that we can spend “time” sharing God’s word with them.    Have a blessed summer.

                         TeamKID Leaders

Judy Lawson, Mica Bohannan,
Autumn Crawford


 When John Harms began his ministry here he did a couple of things that have meant a great deal to me.  He indicated that he was going to challenge our church family to step outside the walls of the church and show God at work, through us, in our community.  It has been a wonderful year with the new parking lot replacing an abandoned house, our visible presence at Burden Days, the trips to help Voice of the Martyrs, our community revival, Labor for Your Neighbor event, and the up-coming mission trip to Lodgepole, Nebraska.

 We were told in an early meeting with our new pastor that we were going to be encouraged to venture out of our “comfort zone”.  Personally it has been a year of growth as God has led me and my pastor encouraged me.  I have begun participating in prayer meetings before Sunday school each week and the various other prayer meetings we have had.  Prior to this year I was just a silent attendee.  For the first time in my life I have knocked on doors to speak to people and hand out flyers for events.  These are not big things, but they mean so much to me as I have responded and left my long-time “comfort zone”. 

 As I think about the past year, our new pastor and his family, and the personal growth in my life I am reminded of the opening line of a familiar hymn.  “To God be the glory, great things He hath done.” 

      Mike Bailey

Grandma’s Attic

 May 9th, a lady’s tea was hosted by FBC.  The well attended event was praised by all.  Our hard working pastor’s wife, Amanda, organized and prepared the food for the women of the church and community.   Daughters, mothers, grandmothers, friends and family members from ages 9 to 90 enjoyed the fellowship.  There were numerous two and three generation attendees at the tea. Following the Grandma’s Attic theme, the fellowship hall was decorated with fancy tea sets, quilts, sewn piecework, flowers, and tiny baby dresses.  As you entered fellowship hall you were amazed by the gorgeous decorations.   Good job Sheila and Teresa!!!! The food was impressive.  Three types of mini sandwiches, cream puffs, tortilla roll-ups, chocolate covered éclairs, cookies and other fancy goodies were served with tea, lemonade or water to drink.  Ice breaker games with women digging in their purses for the treasure search offered lots of laughs to start the party.  Amanda spoke about Deborah the prophet and leader of Israel from the book of Judges.

 If you are short on the praise portion of your prayers, you can always lift up praises to God for sending Amanda and John to FBC of Burden.


  JUN   7-09-09 Elaine Dwyer 8-11-09 Sheila Otto
  6-05-09 John Harms 7-13-09 Brad McMinn 8-12-09 Dawson Atkins
  6-16-09 Dave Chance 7-15-09 Emily Crawford 8-12-09 Dillon Atkins
  6-19-09 Megan Rierson 7-20-09 Steve Mackey 8-14-09 Walt Pate
  6-26-09 Sheila McMinn 7-23-09 Sarah McMinn 8-15-09 Travis McMinn
  6-26-09 Betsy Atkins AUG   8-15-09 Eric Fraley
  JUL   8-03-09 Sheena Prater 8-17-09 Carol Scott
  7-02-09 Josh McMinn 8-04-09 Lula McMinn 8-18-09 Rex Rierson
  7-05-09 Dana Redenius 8-04-09 Rachel O’Bryan 8-24-09 Steve Atkins
  7-06-09 Tyson Lawson 8-07-09 Amanda Harms 8-25-09 Marsha Hull-Pate
  7-09-09 Emily Mackey 8-10-09 Judy Lawson 8-26-09 Cassie Baker
          8-26-09 Arleta Colvin

VBS: Studio GO!

Welcome to Studio GO! Game Show, where kids experience real service, real teamwork and real FUN!Each day at Studio GO! Game Show kids will participate in the large-group excitement of Studio GO!, experience God’s Word at Prime Time Bible Challenge, meet real-life servants at Service Showcase, plus create fun-filled crafts, eat snacks and play challenging games!  And, through it all, they’ll come to understand that with Jesus, everyone wins!

Beginning each day, our host at Studio GO! will challenge contestants to see how God works in the lives of those who trust Him.  The challenges will help kids: GO Lead! GO Risk! GO Tell! GO Obey! GO Serve!


Amanda Harms

This week (8-12) we are starting VBS.  Please be praying for the workers, the kids, and their families.  We are planning for 50 children!  (Pastor John)

Opportunities to Serve and Fellowship

  June 2009  
  Wednesday’s:  Prayer Meeting: 6:30
  Friday’s: Quilting:  9:00     AM
  Sunday’s: “When World Views Collide” 6:00 – 7:30
  June 8-12:Vacation Bible School Studio Go” 6:00 – 7:00
  June 15-19:  Kid’s Summer Camp 6:00 – 9:00
  June 27th: 1st Beth Moore Bible Study 6:00 – 8:00
  July 2009  
  Wednesday’s:  Prayer Meeting 6:30
  Friday’s:  Quilting 9:00     AM
Sunday’s: Beth Moore Bible Study 6:00 – 8:00
July 4th:  Burden Freedom Festival 5:00 – 10:00
  July 11-15: Lodgepole, NE. Mission Trip  
  August 2009  
  Wednesday’s:  Prayer Meeting 6:30
  Friday’s:  Quilting  9:00     AM
  Sunday’s:  Beth Moore Bible Study 6:00 – 8:00
  August 3-7:  Super Summer  
  August 12:  Business Meeting 7:00